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Mommy, What is the moon made of?

Picture of moon made by Studio 3P prop design

A large set prop I was inspired to make was a waxing crescent "Man-in-the-moon." I began by searching images for just the right vintage yet whimsical look. Once I find the right look, I then cut foam housing insulation panel for the object. Using a thin coping saw blade, I cut the main crescent shape, with the lumps that would become the character’s chin, lips, nose and brow. I fashioned separate pieces for the eye, cheek and eyebrow. I then sanded each piece to further smooth and shape them.

Picture of moon being made by Studio 3P

After attaching the components together with toothpicks and glue, I covered the entire piece with Modge Podge decoupage medium to seal it. Once prepared for painting, the real fun began! Beginning with an antique white base, I used tans and greys for contour shading and to add the illusion of age.

Picture of moon being painted by Studio 3P

The piece hangs in Studio 3P, smiling down on our many visitors. It is ready to take part in new creative endeavors; perhaps a fairy-tale portrait theme, or children’s nursery rhyme photography session?

And, as always, I ask, "What's next?" -- KCC

Picture of completed moon made by Studio 3P

Have you ever thought about what props would you want designed for your Photography session?

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