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Print Your Memories

Print Your Memories

Remember when almost every home had walls covered with portraits of family? Grandparents, great-grandparents, smiling kids and grandkids, and family groupings were the focus of stairways, dens, and hallways. These cherished memories were intentionally captured for future generations to enjoy and to connect to their heritage.

In today's world, everyone takes photos. Phones and tablets snap at every social outing, and there's a photographer born with every purchase of a “nice camera.” Some phones can take pretty decent images, for documenting life in-the-moment.

Unfortunately, most images never leave the device. Yes, some are shared on social media, but where will the photos be when your grandkids want to see what their ancestors looked like, or whom they resemble? Make an effort to print the best at a good lab that can produce prints that will last more than a few years.

photo of a beautiful, young lady

Even better, hire a talented and skilled photographer who will not only take fantastic individual portraits and group portraits, but who has the resources to produce high-quality archival prints, canvasses, or print on specialty media, such as metal or wood. Professional prints from a professional lab will last for generations, and will be greatly appreciated and admired by friends and family, both present and future. Intentionally preserving your portraiture for now and for later is an investment that will yield returns far into the future, for the generations who follow who will be able to put a face to your name.

Make sure you hire the best photographers to capture the joy of your most cherished life events. Call Studio 3P to start planning today.

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