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The Last Furisode She Will Ever Wear

What's new at Studio 3P? The studio dress model, Miss Sassy, is trying on a trending new look in bridal wear that is enjoying popularity among the youth of Japan.

photo of Furisode

The Furisode - long sleeved kimono - is generally worn by women who are marriageable. That is to say that one who wears such a kimono is of a certain age range, and single. Once married, the furisode should not be properly worn. There has been a trend lately for Japanese brides to combine a furisode with a western style wedding dress...thus the last furisode she will ever wear. This melding of both east and west, of old and new, produces something wonderful, quite lovely and touching.

Picture of full length Furisode with wedding dress

Here we have used a nice full-length strapless wedding dress, with a furisode filled with blues, golds, and red. The ensemble is finished by a lovely purple obi, and white and blue bridal kanzashi by Geek a la Mode.

Available for your Wedding Photography session in the Studio 3P wardrobe.

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