Fully insured and licensed

We are fully insured and licensed to operate in Irmo and Columbia.

April 13th 2018 By Kimberly

"fully insured” means that we carry insurance

“We are fully insured and licensed to operate in Irmo and Columbia.” You may notice that phrase in our marketing materials, but what does it mean? For us, it is a commitment to ourselves, our clients and to our community.

We believe in doing everything above board and by the books. We do not wish to endanger our clients or our reputation by taking on risky projects. For instance, you’ll never see us shooting on railroad tracks because it is illegal and extremely dangerous. We will not trespass, or go onto private land without express permission from the owner.

Not Required

We aren’t required by law to be insured, just licensed. Basically, being licensed means that we can legally shoot for profit within a town or city limits, even in outdoor spaces and parks. Many photographers feel that being licensed (paying for a business license) in areas where they typically work is a prohibitive cost...something that they cannot afford. Studio 3P believes that it’s vital to support the community where we live and work. Our business license fees go into the town budget, helping to fund the day-to-day operation costs of the local government, general maintenance of parks and public places, as well as community beautification projects.

Being “fully insured” means that we carry insurance in case we or our equipment cause damage to property or injury to a client.
With our decades of experience, Studio 3P knows the most responsible ways to conduct the business. When you contact us for a photography project please know that you are in good hands. Our dedication to our clients and our community is second to none!

business license fees go into the town budget

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Studio 3P is a proud member of the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce.