Heirloom Portrait Session

So You Are Dreaming of an Heirloom Portrait Session.

June 4th 2018 By Kimberly

We at Studio 3P are storytellers at heart; our favorite images are those that paint a mood and envelope the viewer in the scene, one perhaps set in another time, another place, or one simply full of fantasy. We call this Heirloom Portraiture. If this sort of vision appeals to you, there is only one place in the area that can make your dream portrait session come to reality. Now that you have found the right photographers, what is next?

Consider the Mood

While we want to create each session anew, collecting your thoughts and dreams into a “mood board” can help your 3P team get a visual on what you are seeking.



What to Wear, What to Wear...

Wardrobe is important, as well. Kimberly, our stylist, will discuss your thoughts and explore options. Studio 3P has a well-rounded selection of versatile garments; props and accessories (vintage and reproduction) that will help set the mood of your portrait. Our makeup artist can enhance your beauty by achieving vintage and period-correct looks with makeup and hair styling.

Heirloom Portrait From Studio 3P
Heirloom Portraits

Location is Key

Location can be an added element in your portrait. Studio 3P has a well-appointed 1000+ square foot photography studio, but we also are licensed in Columbia and Irmo; this means we can travel on-location! We maintain excellent working relationships with several beautiful local venues, one of which might provide just the right place for your narrative. We continually keep our eyes open for new and unusual locales to offer our clients.

The Details

Lighting and posing style are topics studied by our photographers; they will work with you to achieve the look you seek. Post-processing, or editing, also plays a part in the overall image and can enhance the mood towards a goal.

Fulfill the Dream

Please know that the artists at Studio 3P are eager to help you create the fine art portraits you desire, be they a recreation of a family heirloom portrait, an homage to a famous work of art, or a pure flight of fancy. Contact Studio 3P today to discuss your dream portrait photography session.

Fine Details In Fine Art

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