The Vintage Pin-Up

Vintage Pin-Up Portraits

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It's a classic and cherished art form: the Vintage Pin-up portrait.

To achieve the genre, a certain aura must be created: a little world where time stands still...or is even rolled back.

It best suits a woman with a romantic nature. To begin, she is key…her interests, her features, her personal style and outlook on life.


Vintage Pin-Up

Once that is established, the work begins: concepts are formulated, garments are chosen for their classic look and feel, colors are carefully coordinated, and props are sought out and obtained (or created bespoke). Then the sets are planned and constructed; lighting is arranged to illuminate. The morning of the session, the subject’s hair and makeup are arranged and enhanced. She is transformed. She sees her new self in the mirror. Her eyes wide, she grins.

Everything is ready.


The lady is guided to her own little world of delight, created especially for her.  She is ready to blossom. Her confidence is assured by the assistant and photographer; her chosen loved one is there, too, to offer support. With the press of a button the lights flash, she is captured at her finest. It is an uplifting and empowering experience. She floats on air.

At the studio, the images are enhanced to draw out fine details, crafting beautiful visuals from the day. Selections are made, and the artwork is sent to the professional lab for production, and beautiful heirloom art is produced. This final artwork will last in beauty for decades.

The goal is to capture the lady’s presence as well as her appearance. Dear reader, we invite you to take a look at these portraits and judge if we achieved our high goal.


Pin Up


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