Across the Universe

"Across the Universe"

the Zodiac Project blog by Kimberly
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Recently, I was intrigued by the astrological symbols of the zodiac of ancient times. I decided I would set myself an artistic challenge project: namely, to depict all twelve symbols from the zodiac using myself as a model. Some of the symbols were quite easy to approach. Virgo and Aquarius were  the first two I attempted, being rather straightforward images



One of the most challenging images to create was also one of the most fun: Sagittarius, the archer centaur. Using a photograph of a toy horse for half of the picture (and extensive post-work in  Photoshop), I was able to re-create this mythological beast. I am quite pleased with the finished  image, although a friend who is a professional archery instructor says my form needs work. Gemini was also intriguing; I layered multiple photos to create a believable image of identical twins.
My final intent was to use this 12-image collection as a centerpiece for my portion of an upcoming joint art exhibition. If you would like to see the final result in person, you’re invited to attend.
The exhibition will be at Ramco Framing and Design in Irmo June 17-July 1, with a reception the evening of June 21.
The entire collection, as well as individual images, is available for purchase. After viewing the pieces, let me know what you think!

The Photography Exhibition

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