Homespun Portraits by Kimberly

Homespun Portraits by Kimberly

I became drawn to creating a series of portraits that I call “Homespun.” These specialized portraits are created to achieve a vintage and timeless feel and aura, and I believe they capture the inner light of each subject in a unique way.

The settings are traditional: a bentwood chair, a knotted rag rug, a farmhouse table... the wardrobe is rich in texture: a crochet shawl, a straw hat, woven leather suspenders, the props are humble: a clay pitcher, a sheaf of harvested wheat, a well-worn baseball. The entirety is orchestrated to transport the atheistic to a wholesome and simpler time, thus focusing on core sensibilities, and ultimately the deeper focus of the person's spirit.

Children of all ages love to play dress-up and, in doing so, they become even more truly themselves than when they are trying to be cool and modern. It is an intriguing paradox.

To take a typical girl-of-today and dress her in a garment from another time subtlety shifts her focus inward. That introspection makes for a powerful portrait. That is what I seek to capture and preserve in art for my client.

In contemplating portraits created in this series, you will see they have a simple elegance and compelling power. Take a moment to imagine how you or a loved one would appear, given a similar opportunity.

Children are beautiful subjects for homespun portraits, of course, they bring such life and wonder. But the homespun senior that is truly a special thing; consider the possibilities! Young adults at this pivotal moment: they are poised to move forward, but they gain strength by looking back.... Envision a biology major holding his grandfather's medical bag, a young lady hugging a favored childhood book, a teaching candidate with slate and chalk....

I'd count it an honor to create an heirloom homespun portrait for your family; contact the studio to begin the discussion.