Interview with Kimberly

A Little Interview with Kimberly

Sept 12th 2017 By Will


Here we discuss the grand dress of tulle, and the potential it has to convey and express the story of an individual. With it's lush and vivid tones of purple and scarlet, it does seem to possess a certain majestic quality. It so effectively shapes and conceals; it does inspire the imagination. And isn't that what wardrobe is all about? 

Good wardrobe will lead the viewer to that point of attention: the focus of the work. The various draping, the folds of cloth, lines made and unmade by the conflict between flesh and fiber, all these things are made to guide the viewer to that moment where we discover the meaning hidden in the portrait.
Sometimes we use wardrobe to distract, sometimes to delay, and sometimes to inspire. In the topography of the photograph, wardrobe can be the scenery we discover along our journey towards the intended destination, the human at the center of the adventure.

Custom made tulle dress by Kimberly at Studio 3P

So when Kimberly so passionately discusses the possibilities of how this grand dress of tulle may be used….know that it is the telling of her story, epic and legend, as she would have the world see it on the occasion of a landmark birthday.

Trust us to capture you at your finest, your wildest, your most majestic.

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