The Most Important Thing of All

Most important thing of all is the feeling

the Most Important Thing of All

Dec 22nd 2017 By Kimberly

They arrived together, of course, a bit nervous about what was to come.

She went into the makeup station where the artist enhanced her natural beauty. He conversed with the photographer about cameras, lenses and various important things.

When it was time, I assisted her with her custom-made wardrobe. We selected special hair ornaments and placed them just so. I then brought her onto the set, helping to place her and then arranging her clothes and accessories.

She seemed to feel good, and was getting into the feel of the event. Her husband expressed with pleasure that she looked wonderful, and she did.

As the session progressed, she became more relaxed, and her husband became more enraptured. At one point, I wish I could have taken his photograph; his expression was so sweet; pure love.  I know it was a very special thing I was privileged to witness.

I want this feeling for all couples; the feeling of seeing a loved one in a new way, in a very special and individual way.

The portraits that came from that session are treasured and they will last. Their children will grow up seeing them, and knowing that their mother is lovely and is loved. And that is the most important thing of all.


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