The Importance of Pre-session Consultation

Pre-session Consultation ensures you get art out of your photos

The Importance of the Pre-session Consultation

Jan 8th 2018 By Kimberly

At Studio 3P, we feel that it is important that the photographer be on the same page as the client. Communication is key. That is why we believe in the Pre-session Consultation before any portrait session.

What is there to discuss, you may ask? Well, beyond wardrobe (We have a separate blog entry on that topic!) there are things like purpose, setting, photography style, editing level are among the selections to determine in advance of the session for the best results.

The purpose of the photography session can vary; some people desire a fine art portrait of themselves to commemorate a milestone, some people want a casual family portrait to capture the tender bonds between the family members. Size and type of media should be considered. The goal might be a wall portrait for the living area of your home, or a collection of various poses might be needed for an alcove or study. A romantic photography session might be desired in order to create a very special gift for a loved one, yielding a private album of images, or an intimate “folio box” of memories. (We have a separate blog entry on this topic, too!)

The setting and style are also parts of the plan that should be discussed. Will the portraits be taken in the studio or on location? Studio sessions can involve elaborate custom sets, or they can be sparse, in the modern style. The color and lighting of the background will influence the overall mood of the portrait. Discuss with your photographer what atmosphere you would like: a light and bright “high-key” result, or a “low key” look, with shadows and contrast, or something in between? Gritty and moody or airy and dreamlike; these are differences that can be discussed. On-location sessions have logistics and lighting considerations that should be discussed.

If there is a figure flaw or something that makes you self-conscious, it can be addressed. With lighting techniques, skillful makeup application and post processing, various issues can be minimized or erased. Some clients ask to have skin blemishes removed in post, while other people want to keep their scars or birthmarks. Discussing these topics in advance can help everyone understand what is desired and what is possible.

Almost anything is possible to achieve, if the plan is made at the beginning. Communication between the client, photographer, stylist, and makeup artist will help ensure everything goes smoothly and that your portraits are exactly what you dreamed they would be. 

At Studio 3P, you will get more from your portrait experience; you will encounter photography with a difference, many differences, in fact. We specialize in individual and group portraiture tailored to fulfill your dreams. Contact us to make plans for your custom session portrait. 



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