Creating Heirloom Art

Creating Heirloom Art

Feb 9th 2018 By Kimberly

Frame your picture and pick the best paper for high quality art


In portrait photography, as it is with so many fields, it is the details that separate high-end products from lesser efforts.

Consider this 38” x 48” black and white portrait photograph taken during a couture portrait session. Stunning enough as it is when taken as a whole, the artwork becomes breathtaking when viewed at close distance. 

Close up of hand torn paper

Now observe the photo showing just the lower left-hand corner. The print features artisan hand-torn edges and is imprinted on 100% cotton rag archival paper. This museum-quality paper will last beautifully and indefinitely, becoming a cherished family heirloom. The framing by our trusted partner, Ramco, will further help to preserve it. Expertly framed using conservation grade glass and high-quality frame, the artwork is ingeniously mounted with spacers to allow the deckle edges to show and, over time, characteristically lift away from the backing, further enhancing the piece’s one-of-a-kind personality.

Heirloom Pictures Become Art

If you desire old-world attention and seek heirloom pieces which will bring joy for the generations, contact Studio 3P to discuss your individual or family portrait goals. We can capture you at your best, and produce the décor products you seek to make your house a home.

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