The Michaels Photography Challenge

Michaels ™ Photography Challenge

The Michaels  Photography Challenge

Feb 22th 2018 By Randy

Even we older photographers can't resist a challenge! I saw online that Michaels was opening up their craft store locations to photographers for on-location photoshoots, and couldn't help but think, “It’s a hoax!” But my wardrobe stylist, being the eternal optimist, checked into the online challenge, and it's real!

She immediately contacted our local Michaels and verified through Tonya, the Associate Manager in the Framing Department at the local Michaels  in the Harbison area of Columbia, SC, that YES, we can conduct a photo shoot in the store!

Michaels ™ Photography Challenge

The challenge is to make the portraits look as if they were created in a studio or outdoors and NOT inside a cramped store with narrow aisles, bad lighting...all the while taking care not to get in the way of customers during the shoot.

I’ve photographed store interiors many times before, but never with the store open for business and using only one light!

I decided to use one speedlight on a Tiffen Press-T bracket, a fast lens (Nikon 85mm 1.8G, and balance the lighting from the overhead fluorescent lights and daylight coming in from the front windows. 

Michaels ™ Photography Challenge

My model brought several changes of costume from the Studio 3P wardrobe collection to maximize options. 

A few poses were obvious, such the ones in front of and interacting with Michaels bountiful flower display; other shots took more creativity, such as the tribal portrait using a tee shirt, pom-pom trim, and strings of beads...all from the store’s shelves! 

This sort of creativity and passion is the norm at Michaels and at Studio 3P, where our photographers, makeup  artists and set stylist work together to bring our clients’ portrait dreams to reality. Contact us to discuss your thoughts and goals.

How do you think we did? See our photographs (and others) using the hashtag #michaelschallenge



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