Interview with Kimberly

A Little Interview with Kimberly Sept 12th 2017 By Will   Here we discuss the grand dress of tulle, and […]

Planning Your Portrait

Planning Your Portrait Aug 24th, 2017 By Randy Jones Many things go into creating a memorable custom portrait. It is […]

Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration July 26th 2017 By Will This fanciful video was created by Studio 3P’s own William of Carolina. It […]

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes June 14th 2017 By Randy Jones Watch This fun time lapse video in which our intern tires […]

Man in the moon

Mommy, What is the moon made of? June 1st 2017 By Kimberly A large set prop I was inspired to […]

Telling a good story

Telling a good story May 23rd 2017 By Will That is what good photography is all about. Does not matter […]

Memories Lost

Memories Lost May 17th 2017 By Randy Jones A short time ago, I attended the funeral of good friend’s son, […]


The Last Furisode She Will Ever Wear May 8th 2017 By Kimberly The Furisode – long sleeved kimono – is […]