Beautiful or Fierce?

Beautiful or Fierce?

Women, of course, like to be thought of as being beautiful. That is something of a given and has not changed with the passing of time. But I find it interesting that, in this era so preoccupied with physical appearance, the females I have really discussed this topic with recently, the ones I have put the question to, have all (without exception) laughed out loud and proclaimed, “Of course, I'd rather be fierce than beautiful!”

It makes sense to me; I feel the same way. The portraits of myself that I love the most are those that, when I look at them, make me feel strong and confident. But amazingly, when I feel strong and confident, I feel beautiful, also!

A fierce attitude can be expressed in different ways by different women. Perhaps to you, being fierce means to dress as the warrior, the fighter, the overcomer that you are. Maybe you seek to commemorate a personal achievement; here is the chance to dress in royal robes or flowing gowns, to wear a crown of flowers (or iron), to loose your hair to the four winds and hold aloft sword or a book of wisdom (or both): this is what I offer women of all ages.

To spend a few hours in chain mail practicing your battle yell, to summon your inner strength in a balanced yoga pose, to lock the world in your strong and unblinking gaze; this is what you have worked for; it is what you deserve. Let's make it happen!

Not everyone I serve chooses to wear fanciful wardrobe; it is not required. But in my studio space, clients are given permission to see themselves in a new light. And if you want to play dress-up, we can.

Contact me at Studio 3P located in the Heart of Irmo, convenient to Columbia, SC to discuss your dreams. I'd count it an honor to create an authentic power portrait capturing your beautiful fierce self; contact the studio to begin planning your art.