Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

In popular culture, there is a theme that is known as The Butterfly Effect: in essence, if a time-traveler goes into the past and makes even a tiny change, that one small change can have a huge effect on the time-traveler's current time. This theme has been explored in various movies, television shows and books, such as Back to the Future, The Twilight Zone, and Timeline, for example.

The present (and the future) are influenced by the actions and choices of the past, it is true. But I have another way to look at this...

Have you considered that a small action taken today could have ramifications that echo far into the future?

Is it possible that a kind word to a stranger today could inspire her to paint a beautiful watercolor painting that could, in turn, inspire a person seeing it to compose a song that could, in turn uplift someone going through a difficult time who could, in turn begin a club to help at-risk children....

Is it possible to influence the paths of other people by simple interactions? By making a person feel valued, even in a brief encounter, can we change the future of a that person? The answer is, of course, yes. Yes, yes, yes, one thousand times yes.

Let's turn this thought to photography. It might seem silly to propose that a really good photograph improve a person's view of themselves, but I believe this is true. It is as simple as this: Can a nice portrait enhance positive mindset? Is this possible? I believe it is.

Portrait art has at its core empowerment and self-value.
Portraits serve as positive reminders of inner beauty, strength and dignity. It is my joy to create reflections that allow the subject to see themselves in a familiar, yet new, light. I believe in the fulfilling power of portraiture because I have felt it myself; it is an experience I want to share with others; I want to share it with you and with your children.

At Studio 3P, I specialize in providing an uplifting experience resulting in beautiful portrait images that will echo for generations. Take the first step by contacting me at my Irmo photography studio to discus your dream session. Come experience your own personal butterfly effect.