Memories Lost

Lost memories held hostage by disk and old phones
Remember your old phone?

Memories Lost

May 17th 2017 By Randy Jones

A short time ago, I attended the funeral of good friend's son, who had been killed in an accident. He left a wife and two kids at home. At the funeral, they had a slide show of his life, and the program had a couple of photos as well. The first thing I noticed was how outdated they were. Not just the clothing, but the few photos of him with his kids showed him as a much younger man, with toddlers. His children are now 16 and 18. The last photos they had of him were over 12 years old!

Memories Lost........

So sad that his kids have nothing showing him as he was when he left for work that morning. Only their memories of what he looked like to share with their own kids and grandkids. I was told that he had many photos on his phone that he had taken over the past couple of years of his family. They'll never know if any included him, as his phone was damaged beyond repair in the accident. They never printed any of them, so those are lost forever.

Please be sure that you have printed photos of your family so future generations will be able to know more about them. And not all prints are the same. If you print them at home on your home printer, they will not last. Even most local places use only paper that will maintain for a few years, no matter what they claim. Remember those photos of your grandparents and great-grandparents you saw as a kid, and hopefully still treasure? They are still here! Have your photos printed professionally, on a high quality paper. Yes, it costs more, but what are those photos of parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents worth? Priceless!!!

True professional photographers offer high quality prints from a quality lab. Others hand you a cd or thumb drive, and collect their payment. This is a disservice to their customers. A professional who is passionate about his work understands the value those images will have in the future, and will protect his clients' memories.

Photos on a cd, phone, tablet, laptop, etc., won't be here forever. Remember floppy discs? Hopefully you had those photos moved to other media. If not, good luck viewing them. And don't forget to do that each time technology advances and leaves the latest and greatest media behind.

If you don't have archival prints, you don't have photographs! Protect those memories by getting not only images, but high quality prints as well.
Randy Jones

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