Recently Asked Questions

Recently Asked Questions

Here are some actual recently asked questions:

Q: Are you located in Atlanta? In Charlotte? These portraits are so amazing!

A: All these portraits were captured and created right here in Irmo, SC! (And thank you!)

Q: My wife loves the look of old Hollywood glamour....but she really likes the grittiness of your “boxer” self-portraits she saw as part of your recent art exhibition....

A: Let's do BOTH looks to capture her diverse interests!

Q: I am attracted to the vibe of your portraits, but do I have to wear a costume?

A: No! But if you want to, I can help! I can also guide you to select items from your own closet that will help achieve a timeless look.

Q: My boyfriend loves Viking lore and Steampunk. Can you help him with wardrobe and give him a custom photo session to suit his personality?

A: Warrior themes speak to me, and the Steampunk aesthetic, too! Yes, we can!

Q: How do you give your images that impressive vintage look?

A: There are several different ways I achieve my signature style. Lighting, wardrobe, even a humble prop like an apple or book can lend the desired atmosphere. Also, my post-processing is unique. I have developed my techniques over many years so that I can serve clients who seek something different.

Q: I have “boarding passes” and a replica first-class tea set from the Titanic Museum I visited last year; can we build a fun portrait session around that?

A: Absolutely! <Sorts through vintage wardrobe and props>

Q: I grew up watching The Wizard of Oz with my mother; can you take some over-the-rainbow-inspired portraits of me so I can surprise my mother with custom wall art for her home for Mother's Day?

A: What a wonderful childhood memory! Yes, we can certainly capture some of your most meaningful moments from that amazing movie, recreating the look and feel with you as the star!

Q: I have some vintage cameras in my collection; can you create a still life using them so I can hang the art in my home?

A: Absolutely! I love creating intriguing still life art. That is a great way to showcase meaningful collections without taking up shelf space (or having to dust!). Still life art is also a good way for different family groups in one family can “share” family heirlooms: we can make a beautiful piece of art and each member of the family can have his or her own copy!

Q: Can my wife and I be pictured with our trained therapy dog?

A: We welcome well-behaved animals into our studio! We have had several animal friends in our studio, even a fully-grown duck!