Timeless Beauty

Timeless Beauty

Kimberly Case is a fine art portrait photographer. Recently, she and model Frankie Pogue entered Case’s studio with the intent to capture a sense of timeless beauty.

For the session, Case selected a simple open-sided shift she hand-sewed from yards of a beautiful linen and silk blend fabric. A textured semi-sheer scarf shot with golden threads was added for some images in the series. Case also chose vintage clusters of faux grapes from the studio prop-room. To set the scene, Case hung a custom-painted canvas backdrop she created. The canvas is highly textured using various shades of browns and tans.

Case says Frankie was a delight to work with and excited about the concept. “She brought the perfect grace and intensity to fulfill the goal perfectly,” says Case.

Model Frankie Pogue enjoys bringing forth natural authentic beauty to view. She styled her hair and makeup for this session. Pogue reflects on the images from this set: “The raw aura gives me feeling of connecting with my past and future self.”

Kimberly is the lead photographer and co-owner at Studio 3P, LLC in Irmo, SC. Contact her there to discuss commissions for artwork and bespoke portrait sessions.