Wardrobe for your Portrait Session

Wardrobe planning for your portrait session

Wardrobe for Your Portrait Session

July 6th, 2017 By Kimberly

A personal portrait session is a special and uplifting experience. Planning what to wear should be fun, and does not need to be expensive. You probably already have the perfect thing in your closet!
Think about the garments that you get compliments when wearing. Consider those outfits and others like them.
I prefer solid colors for portraits. Patterns can be overwhelming or busy and might not translate well onto film. I would choose textures, or soft fabrics instead of prints. If you love lace or crochet details, this would be a time to consider them. Sequined garments can cause reflective issues; beading is generally fine. Solid black and stark white can be overpowering, but navy and brown and ecru, ivory and cream work well.

"But don't focus on too many options; simplicity is key."

Ladies, bring a favorite scarf, brooch or pieces of jewelry, in case you want to use them. Gentlemen, select a few ties, just in case. But don’t focus on too many options; simplicity is key. If you often wear eyeglasses, bring them.
Be aware that, even if you are considering only photos showing the waist up, you might have full-length photographs taken; wear coordinating skirt or pants and shoes to fit the outfit.
Select colors from your color palate. If you are unsure what colors work best for you, we can discuss your coloration during the pre-session consultation.
If you already have an outfit or two in mind, bring them with you to the pre-session consultation. At the studio, we have a selection of garments that can be used in your session, or that might help you decide what direction you want to proceed along.
The goal is to select clothing that suits you, clothing that you feel and look confident in.

If you have any questions concerning wardrobe please email me . My goal is to assist you in preparing for your special portrait photography session.


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