How are We Different?

How are We Different?

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“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” - P.T. Barnum.


How are we different? Studio 3P is a photography studio. We take photographs, but many people take photos, so that does not make us different. We take very good photographs, but even that does not set us apart.

What sets us apart is the fact that when you visit Studio 3P, you enter a world of possibilities, where your personality is captured and then presented to you in a way you can see it daily and place it in your home.


Yes, we create wonderful traditional family portraits and professional executive portraits (business headshots), our skilled photographers have over 50 years of portrait experience, dating back to the days of film.

And we also create heirloom portraits that harken to another place, another time. We can transform a young newlywed into a star of the silver screen, change a empty-nester into a turn-of-the-century icon, depict a high-schooler in the smooth style of his favorite rat-pack crooner. We ask you, “How would you like to be photographed?” Do you see yourself as a person of intrigue…a scholar, a forest spirit, or an angel of light? What about your children: do they have dreams of being a princess, a warrior or a queen? Does your son long to soar the skies or be on his own album cover?


During your consultation we will discuss your goals, and help you decide what is best for you.

During your session, time will be taken to make you comfortable. There is no time crunch with us. We do not offer “mini-sessions” where each client receives a short session and then must make way quickly for the next person. You will have our full attention, and the focus will be on you, both literally and figuratively!

Another large difference you will discover at Studio 3P is something you will notice as soon as you walk in our door. You will see our walls heavily hung with portraits of all kinds taken by our three photographers. Maternity, family, bridal, fine art, beauty, romance and boudoir…even vintage pinup! These are all styles we can capture for you. And as Studio 3P, you will be guided through your photography session all the way through the selection of your artwork. After your sections are made, we will have our professional lab produce your artwork, then will have it ready for you at the studio. You will receive beautiful artwork for your home or office when you work with Studio 3P. So many other photographers will only provide digital copies, leaving their clients to struggle with “self-printing.” We feel it is important to control the quality of our product by taking it to the final step of printing the final product, be they printed canvases, cotton rag photographs, even metal prints.


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We at Studio 3P want you to have beautiful artwork in your home, to enjoy daily and to share with your loved ones. We offer museum-quality fine art portraits that will last for generations. Your children, grandchildren and their grandchildren will be able to look and say proudly, “This is where I came from!” putting a face to go with your name.

Contact our studio to schedule a visit to discuss your goals, and see for yourself how different we are!

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