Planning Your Portrait

Planning your portrait with Studio 3P

Planning Your Portrait

Aug 24th, 2017 By Randy Jones

Many things go into creating a memorable custom portrait. It is a means to tell your personal story your own way – a real adventure. And, as with any adventure, beginning well is the best way to arrive at a happy ending. Therefore, planning is first step.

Ask yourself, what are you planning to do with your photographs? No matter what your plans are for the images, some basic questions should be considered. The end product needs to match your plans.

If you want a family portrait to go over your sofa, think about the orientation: horizontal vs vertical. Vertical is the classic aspect for a portrait, for a single person or a family group; however, recent trends show that many people are seeking “landscape” aspect portraits. Our suggestion: take a few snapshots of your walls and bring the photos with you to your portrait consultation. We can discuss your needs and work towards capturing the images that will grace your spaces best.

The viewing distance of the artwork will determine the size of the final product, as well as the grouping of the subjects into the composition. From how far away will the viewer gaze upon the image? A large photo of head and torso in a wall portrait may not look harmonious, as the head may seem too large. But that same person, properly placed on the background, will be viewed from the same distance and be pleasing to the eyes. These considerations are things to discuss with your photographer, to ensure the best outcome.

Clothing colors and styles matter, of course. Harmony is key, both in colors and in style. If three of the four people in a group are dressed casually, say jeans and muted neutral tops, and the fourth person is dressed in a red satin tuxedo with a pink bow tie, the portrait will have disharmony within it, and not be pleasing to the senses. Also, when choosing clothing, consider the color scheme of your room, and select pleasant colors.

Think about the media your portrait is to be printed on. The most common is the usual lustre photographic paper, found in most drug stores, big box stores, and pro labs. While this is usually the least expensive, it's also the most vulnerable to aging, and usually requires special mounting and framing to make it look like a piece of art. We at Studio 3P offer other media options. Of course, there's always canvas. Canvases can be framed in a beautiful traditional frame, a modern “floating” frame , or the canvas can be prepared simply with a “gallery wrap,” without a frame. The framing quality and style can make the difference between a “poster” and a piece of art. And finally, there are many fine art papers. Archival, museum quality papers expertly framed will create cherished family heirlooms for generations. Cotton rag paper is extremely high-quality, and will ensure your images look their best for decades. During the portrait consultation, the options can be discussed, and samples can be examined.

We at Studio 3P believe that our clients deserve the best, so we want work with you from the planning to the hanging of your portraits in your home or business. We can even visit your home to help you plan the display. We'll help you choose the best media to print your images on, and our framing partner will not only help you choose the best display option, but can also professionally hang it in your home or business, usually at no additional charge.

Consider Studio 3P your destination for custom portraiture.

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