Pulling teeth

Pulling teeth

I have heard that some people would rather visit the dentist than be photographed.

Here’s a secret: I feel the same way. Even with everything I know about photography and posing, I’m usually afraid I’m going to look awkward; I’m afraid that all of my flaws will be highlighted; I am afraid that it will be an unpleasant experience. In other words, I’m afraid I won’t look my best.

That’s a lot of fear surrounding a photograph!

I want to let you know that I understand these fears, but I want to ease your mind.

At Studio 3P, I seek to make every portrait session a very special experience. One of my most oft repeated phrases is, “Don’t worry; don’t stress out.” When you have your fine art portrait created at Studio 3P, I want you to feel like you’re in good hands, that you don’t need to worry. I want you to believe that it’s going to be enjoyable; because that is one of my goals.

If you have been considering portrait photography, but have concerns that are holding you back, please reach out to me at my studio in Irmo, South Carolina. I would love to invite you over so that we can sit down and talk everything out, address all your concerns, and plan the portrait session of your dreams! I’d love to make that happen for you.